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Providing in-person & virtual psychotherapy for Individuals, Couples & Teens in Ottawa & surrounding areas

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In-person & Virtual Therapy

Meet in our Ottawa based office or virtually across Ontario
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Trauma-Informed Care

Therapists specializing in Trauma Therapy
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Flexible Appointment Times

Daytime, evening & weekend appointments

Do you ever feel stuck or confused about why you can't move forward in your life?

Get the support you need to start experiencing the changes you want.

Are you struggling with:

Get the support you need to start experiencing the changes you want. New Chapter Psychotherapy offers in-person & virtual psychotherapy in Ottawa & surrounding areas.

New Chapter Psychotherapy

Our Therapy Services

We use a range of depth focused modalities to help clients address their concerns at the source. By helping you uncover what has led to the challenges you are currently facing, you will be able to make more informed choices today and in the future.
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Individual Therapy

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Young Adults (16+)

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Couples Therapy

Areas of Expertise

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Relationship Issues

Navigate relationship dynamics with insight and understanding, fostering deeper connections and healthier communication.
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Anxiety Treatment

Overcome the weight of anxiety as we uncover the roots of your emotional experiences and provide tools to manage them effectively.

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Depression Treatment

Find help and understanding as we delve into the sources of your emotions and equip you with strategies to navigate them with renewed strength.
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Trauma Therapy

Heal from past trauma through compassionate support, helping you reclaim your power and find resilience.

Areas of Support

Additional areas we can offer help

About Us

New Chapter Psychotherapy

Are you seeking deep healing, personal growth, and emotional health? At New Chapter Psychotherapy, we embrace the transformative power of therapy to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and lasting change.

Our skilled and compassionate therapists specialize in depth-psychology, and therapeutic approaches that go beyond surface-level concerns to explore the underlying and often unconscious patterns shaping our lives.

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Why Choose New Chapter Psychotherapy?

Empowering Depth-Psychology

Our approaches centers around depth-psychology, a powerful therapeutic modality that delves into the underlying causes of mental and emotional challenges, allowing for authentic and sustainable healing.

Expert Therapists

Our team of compassionate and highly skilled therapists brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to support you on your unique path to self-awareness, growth, and a satisfying life.

Tailored Treatment Plans

We recognize that each individual's journey is unique. That's why we create personalized treatment plans, tailored to your specific needs, to maximize the effectiveness of your therapy experience.

Safe and Non-Judgmental Space

Our therapy practice is a sanctuary where you can feel entirely comfortable expressing your emotions, with compassionate therapists who are aligned and attuned to your personal journey.

Holistic Approach

We believe that true healing comes from addressing all aspects of your being. Our holistic approach encompasses the mind, body, and spirit, helping you find balance and inner peace in your life.

Our Approach

How Our Therapy Works

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We get to know you

Building trust and connection with your therapist is essential to getting the help you need. Without this relationship, nothing meaningful can be accomplished. We start by listening to you, your needs and hopes for the future and we work towards a therapeutic relationship that gets results.
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We work together

Through a collaborative and empathetic process, we’ll explore the story of your life, unraveling the layers that may be holding you back, helping you lean into your strengths, and equip you with the tools to write a new chapter filled with purpose, authenticity, hope, and healing.
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We help you move forward

As we delve into your past and present experiences, you’ll gain deeper insights and self-awareness, paving the way for you to make informed choices, embrace personal growth, and keep moving forward in your life journey.


Have Questions?

Every client who comes to therapy has different concerns. Because each client has unique life experiences, process and needs will be different and the amount of time varies for each individual/couple. In order to make impactful change in your life, we recommend weekly sessions. We also emphasize that long-lasting change requires commitment, consistency and time.
Starting therapy can feel intimidating. We like to frame the first session as a meet-and-greet. Your therapist will review confidentiality, as well as consent forms and policies. After that, time will be spent to get to know you better, ask questions, and gain a clearer understanding about the issues affecting your life. Your therapist will review your intake forms, look at some of the underlying reasons that brought you to therapy and learn more about what you hope to gain from therapy. Our priority is, and will always be, the psychological security and safety of our clients; therefore, our aim is to create a warm and safe space for healing from day one.
Clients come to therapy for different reasons. Oftentimes, clients are struggling with concerns that have impacted their work, family, relationships, intimacy, or personal and emotional life. If you are committed to making impactful change in your life for greater satisfaction, therapy can be highly beneficial.

Anything can be discussed during your confidential and private therapy session. This is your time to be as open as you’d like and to voice whatever is on your mind in a safe and judgment/ shame-free space. We strive to offer a warm, compassionate and open presence to facilitate expression.

If you are seeking a secure space for your therapeutic process where you can address painful experiences, better your relationships, or gain more insight into yourself, we can help provide meaningful change and growth.

In the beginning, it is recommended to come every week to give yourself a chance to work on your goals. You will know when it’s time to move to less frequent appointments. Therapy does require commitment and time.
We have a 48-hour cancellation policy. Please provide at least 48 notice if you would like to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Providing less than 48 hours will result in being charged the full session fee.
No, Psychotherapy is not covered by OHIP. However, Registered Social Workers and Registered Psychotherapists are covered by most Extended Health Benefits. Please check with your insurance for coverage.
In-person sessions are available at our Westboro location. Virtual sessions are also an option. Your preference can be discussed with your therapist.
At this time we accept credit cards through the secure and HIPAA compliant platform Jane App.
Street parking is available for 90 minutes around out Westboro location. However, spots are often taken or occupied. We recommend planning for time to find parking before your session.
Yes- an elevator is available at the main entrance.
At this time, we do not offer services to children. The youngest population we serve is 16 years of age.

New Chapter Psychotherapy

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Break old cycles – write new stories

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